Council approves road striping contracts, $17K change order for Roundhouse project

Evanston Environmental Services Manager Brad Tollefson presents roadwork bids to the Evanston City Council during the April 2 meeting. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — The first two items on the agenda for the Evanston City Council’s meeting on April 2 were requests by Jonny Pentz for a street closure permit and an open container permit for the Evanston Car Show.  

Pentz said the car show will be held July 20, on Main Street from 7th to 11th streets (with the Main and 9th and 10th street intersections remaining open), and 8th Street from Front to Main streets from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pentz said the car show is a volunteer event and the funds raised this year will go to the “Home Run for the Cure” organization. He said they will not have any food or liquor vendors in order to support and cooperate with local businesses. He said several car show celebrities and a documentary producer who will be filming the event are going to be attending the event this year.

“We appreciate what you have done with this show,” Councilman David Welling said before the council unanimously approved both of Pentz’s requests.

Under unfinished business, Ordinance 19-02 came before the council for the second reading.  This ordinance is an amendment to Section 15-9 of the Evanston City Code to provide the governing body with more flexibility in setting days to discharge fireworks during the 4th of July holiday, and decreasing the time period that a person may legally discharge fireworks on the 4th of July. There was no discussion or comments, and the ordinance was approved for the second reading. It will be voted on for the third reading at the next regular city council meeting.

Under new business, two ordinances were presented. Ordinance 19-03, an ordinance approving and authorizing the final plat for the Ridgecrest 5th Addition, located in Evanston, was approved unanimously.  

Bob Liechty, representing the Yellow Creek Ranch Company Inc., went over the final plat review, staff report and recommendations considered by the Evanston Planning Commission.  Those recommendations are as follows:

• The turnaround area identified on Lot 3 shall be improved with a concrete or asphalt surface, as was addressed in the staff report.

• The developer shall provide specific drawings illustrating how the two driveway approaches for Lots 2 and 3 will transition. The developer is proposing to transition the existing 6-inch high back curb with either a rolled curb or a 1.5 inch formed lip to maintain the flow line in the gutter.

• Consider renaming the section of Red Hawk Avenue between Gregory Avenue and the northern terminus of Red Hawk Avenue as Red Hawk Circle. However, after receiving input from the Evanston Police Department and Evanston Fire Department, city staff has found that a street name change is not necessary. 

Liechty, representing Herbert R. Weston, addressed the next Ordinance on the agenda.  Ordinance 19-04, an ordinance approving and authorizing the final plat for the Sterling addition, was unanimously approved.

Liechty went over the description of the final plat, staff report and final recommendations considered by the planning commission. The recommendation for submitting plans for the maximum building potential for Lots 2, 3 and 4 have already been completed, as has completion for indicating block number, plan scale, and north arrow on the final plat. Also completed was the recommendation to address the lease agreement with YESCO regarding the off-premise advertising sign on Lot 1.  

Liechty said the applicant contacted both Rocky Mountain Power and CenturyLink to obtain feedback for the proposed subdivision and neither company has responded, though both had ample time to comment on the proposed subdivision. The Evanston Planning Commission asked the applicant to obtain an easement from the abutting property owner, located east of Lot 1, to access an existing sanitary sewer line and that still needs to be completed.

The final recommendation required by the Evanston Fire Department was to locate a fire hydrant at the property line shared by both Lots 4 and 5 and Liechty said this item will be addressed as part of the staff approval process of the site development plans.

Liechty said in lieu of land conveyance, Weston has agreed to pay the city a cash amount equal to 11 percent of the raw land value of the total land area in the subdivision. This will be discussed further with the city council. 

Following approval of the two ordinances there were six resolutions on the agenda.

Resolution 19-09 would approve change order No. 2 for the Evanston Roundhouse Sections 2, 3 and 4 doors and concrete project.  

Project Manager Brandon Lewis answered questions regarding the bid for this change order, which addresses plumbing repairs that fall outside the project scope. The change order will provide cost to install a new 8-inch roof drain line and associated cleanouts around two new footings at the west window wall. It will provide cost to raise elevation of 4-inch roof drain lines above new seismic footings at the east train doors in sections 2, 3 and 4. It will also provide costs for extending a 6-inch sanitary sewer line beyond new seismic footings in sections 3 and 4.

The bid includes sand and gravel for pipe bedding, 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch pipe, couplings and elbows, tie-in of roof drain leaders to drains around new footings, extending 6-inch sanitary sewer lines approximately 15 feet further into the building for future connection, and bedding and compact around drain lines. Including a charge of $2,250 for overhead, the total cost of the change order is $17,250.

Councilman Tib Ottley asked why there was an overhead charge, and Lewis said they cover the cost of a supervisor to make sure the change order repairs are done correctly and to specifications. Resolution 19-09, for the change order, was approved unanimously.

Evanston Police Lt. Ken Pearson answered questions regarding Resolution 19-10, which authorizes an application for a grant from the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security to obtain funds designated for law enforcement terrorism prevention-oriented activities and equipment.

Pearson said the grant is for $27,048 for 11 new radios and all accessories. The police department was advised not to replace all their radios at once, so last year they purchased eight radios. In the past he said they bought Motorola radios, but the company has lost its patent, so the department will purchase Kenwood radios. Pearson said Kenwood is producing great equipment and it is $1,000 cheaper than Motorola.  

The resolution was unanimously approved.

Resolution 19-11, which officially designates Uinta Bank, Wells Fargo, First Bank of Evanston and Bank of the West as a depository for monies of the City was presented by Evanston City Treasurer Trudy Lym. Lym explained that it is required by state statute to officially designate the banks the city uses, and they like to use more than one bank to support local business. The resolution was passed with a unanimous vote.

Environmental Services Manager Brad Tollefson addressed the last three resolutions.

Resolution 19-12, authorizing the execution of an agreement with M&K Striping to stripe cross walks and stop bars in the city of Evanston, was approved unanimously. M&K Striping of Evanston had the low bid of $14,288 for the project and will do the work twice a year.

Resolution 19-13, authorizing the execution of an agreement with Lambert Paint Co., Inc. to stripe parking lots, street parking and curbs in the city of Evanston, was approved unanimously.  The Lambert Paint Co. of Evanston had the low bid of $7,557.

Resolution 19-14, authorizing the execution of an agreement with Idaho Traffic Safety, Inc. to stripe edge and center lines in the city of Evanston was approved unanimously. Idaho Safety had the low bid of $29,354.


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