Congrats to city; thanks to community


I am writing to say congratulations to the City of Evanston for again being nominated for the Great American Main Street Award.

I would also at this time like to say a big thank you to the people of Evanston — you know who you are — who sent well wishes, prayers and flowers during my stroke recovery. They made me stronger just knowing so much love was in the air, and I am very grateful for all of you.

I would also like to express gratitude to the Evanston Police Department, Uinta County Ambulance, and Evanston Regional Hospital; we found out during all of this they really are the finest. I had the best shot at recovery because of their quick response, and I’m doing well thanks to all the departments involved.

I would also like to thank all of my family, my loving husband Paul and my coworkers at the Best Western Dunmar Inn for their quick reaction, response and support. 

Love and thanks to each and every one of you who helped me through this journey. I am blessed to have the people of this little town of Evanston!


De Mills



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