Commissioners vote to update internet access at communications sites

Human Services Coordinator Rebecca Eastman requests approval for a grant at Tuesday’s County Commission meeting. (HERALD PHOTO/Hayden Godfrey)

During its regular meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 20, the Uinta County Commission heard a proposal from Uinta County Planning Director Gary Welling concerning internet access  for the radio sites on Medicine Butte and Hickey Mountain.
Welling’s proposal would grant the Communications Department remote access to the sites for system evaluations and restarts. The adjustment would cost $50 per month per site. “Hopefully, it will provide faster reaction times when communication goes down,” said Welling, “so they can see what the issue is before traveling to the site themselves.” He said that internet access would make it safer and easier to handle communication issues during the winter months. The commission approved the adjustments for both sites.
District Court Clerk Kerri Wright presented a memorandum of understanding between the Wyoming Office of Guardian Ad Litem and Uinta County. After announcing she had corrected a typographical error which had replaced Uinta County with Albany County, Wright told the commissioners, “What this agreement does is agree for the county to pay 25 percent of court-appointed attorney fees in juvenile delinquency neglect cases.” She explained that when a court appoints a guardian ad litem, the state’s Office of Guardian Ad Litem chooses an attorney to represent the child.
Wright mentioned that there is presently only one guardian ad litem in the county. This renewal, said Wright, does not change anything from recent fiscal years. The percentage has remained static, with the 2020-21 county contribution amounting to $6,493 and 2021-22 reaching $6,518. She anticipates that the 2022-23 payment may be less, as case numbers have been down. The commission approved the agreement.
The commissioners voted at the request of County Clerk Amanda Hutchinson to continue their agreement with the WellDyne pharmaceutical company. WellDyne is a pharmacy management company, meaning they handle prescription drug benefits on behalf of the county’s medical insurance provider.
Human Services Coordinator Rebecca Eastman asked to renew a contract on behalf of her agency. The contract pertains to a community services block grant (CSBG). Eastman said, “Today I’m asking Commissioner Eric South to sign our contract for the fiscal year 2022-23, and for the commission to look over it.”
Eastman said her grant would go toward assisting a number of community entities. “You can see emergency services for $67,842, we have the Evanston Youth Club for $14,500, Sexual Abuse and Family Violence for $15,000…”
With a signature, Eastman reported that funding could begin on Oct. 1. Commissioner Mark Anderson made a motion to approve the contract, and Commissioner Brent Hatch seconded.
Mayor Kent Williams addressed the commissioners, presenting four subdivision requests. The first subdivision would be for a piece of land in sections 10 and 15 of Township 15 North, Range 115 West. “They would like to create a one-lot subdivision of five acres,” said Williams. “The zoning on the property is currently agricultural resource development. Since it’s five acres or more, there is no need to change the zoning.” He added that access to the property is via County Road 218. The property has water rights, has 26-28 positive points and five negative points. The commission had seen this proposal as early as 2020, but it had never proceeded.
The commissioners approved the subdivision and tabled another. Williams had anticipated a conservation report for that subdivision, but had not received one at the time of the meeting.
The next subdivision request also lacked a conservation report, but proceeded nonetheless. Williams said, “Melody Bond would like to subdivide lot five of the Bond subdivision.” This subdivision is reportedly south of Robertson, near County Road 279. “She wants to create a parcel her children can build a home on.” The subdivision would create 1.6 and 1.8 acre lots with no water rights. The commission tabled the subdivision at Williams’ request.
Williams mentioned one more subdivision, which simply aims to reconfigure a pair of lots owned by two families. “This is in essence a property line adjustment,” said Williams. The commissioners approved the subdivision.
The commissioners approved the appointment of james Anderson to the Uinta County Fair Board

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