Commission approves contracts, board appointment

Uinta County IT Director Ruth Jesse talks to commissioners last week about a new contract for fiber optics that will save the county over $800 per month. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — The Tuesday, April 5, meeting of Uinta County Commissioners primarily involved approval of contracts, ratifying several letters of agreement, approval of a bid quote and the appointment of Deborah H. Ewing to an unexpired term on the Uinta County Museum Board.

Uinta County Attorney Loretta Howieson-Kallas requested removal from the agenda of the item concerning the trial expert, as it did not require approval by the commissioners.

The commission ratified sending a letter to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in response to a letter that was improperly sent. The commission advised OSHA of the proper channel for notifications.

Saralee Gross with the county’s Road and Bridge department requested that commissioners approve an agreement with Dustbusters to supply dust suppressant at the cost of $95 per ton, using CMAQ grant funds.

“You already approved the contract with Dustbusters and Loretta reviewed it and approved it,” Gross said. “I need you to approve the agreement for the amount of the bid. When we applied for the grant in 2020, the cost was $83 per ton, so the grant money falls short. We just need to approve the agreement at the new cost.”

Commissioners voted to approve the agreement.

A wellness contract with Wyoming Health Fairs to allow Uinta County employees to receive optional health testing at the Uinta County Health Fair and to bill the county insurance was approved by the commission, as requested by Hutchinson.

The commission approved a transfer of $150,000 of entitlement funds for fiscal year 2022 from the Evanston-Uinta Airport to the Fort Bridger Airport. 

A resolution to vacate the Edsel subdivision was requested by planner Kent Williams.

“In 2017, the Mark Day family purchased the Carpenter ranch off Yellow Creek Road,” Williams said, “and at that time, the land was in the city and the city’s ordinance prohibited more than one home on the property. The family wanted to build a new home and went through the process of receiving the city’s approval of a subdivision in order to build.”

Williams said that since that time, the Wyoming Legislature had changed the jurisdiction and the property is now under county code. He said the Days now wish to vacate the subdivision so they can put in a pivot and irrigation system and maintain the property as one lot. Williams added that county planning and zoning had reviewed the request and gave a favorable recommendation. Commissioners agreed and approved the request.

A request by IT director Ruth Jesse for approval of a quote with All West for $472.10 per month ias approved. It will provide fiber optic for the Uinta County Complex. Jesse said the contract is for five years and was a significant savings — more than $800 per month — over the current agreement.


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