Commission approves air quality report, contracts, grant agreements at meeting

Uinta County Facilities Manager Ron Taylor asks for Commission Chair Eric South to sign off on an air quality report for the DEQ during a meeting earlier this month in Evanston. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — John Angwin with the Bear River Rendezvous was first on the Uinta County Commission meeting’s agenda for Tuesday, Aug. 2. Angwin asked commissioners if they would approve closing the bike trails at Bear River State Park during the days of the Rendezvous to eliminate traffic disrupting the event. He said fellow organizers would put up signs to make bikers aware that the trails would be closed.

The commission approved the request for the duration of the rendezvous, which is scheduled for Aug. 26-28.

Sheriff Doug Matthews asked the commission to approve a drug court sanction contract with the Wyoming Department of Corrections for the amount of $255,500, and a victim/witness contract with the state. Matthews said there is a total of $70,000 in grant money available from the state, and the county’s match is $11,300.

“The drug court agreement is the same contract as before,” Matthews said. “The state pays us $70 per day per person that we hold in the detention center for the 90 days it takes for them to complete the program. We have 13 people in the probation and parole program at present; they come from all over the state. This is the third year we have done this and it has worked out well for us.”

Matthews told the commission that Leisa Reiter, the coordinator with the victim/witness program, has done an excellent job; she contacts every victim of a crime. He added that the county attorney had reviewed both agreements and had approved both. The commission followed suit, approving Matthews’ requests.

Uinta County Facilities Manager Ron Taylor presented an air quality report for Landfill No. 2 and asked that Commission Chair Eric South sign off, as well as sign off on the actual emission report.

“Since 2015, DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) requires an annual report,” Taylor said. “We can take public comments until Aug. 22 on the report, and then after October, we will get our permit and can move forward. DEQ will then let us know what we have to do for air quality.”

The commission voted to approve both of Taylor’s requests.

Gary Welling, the head of Uinta County’s planning department, was last on the agenda concerning a contract for the new computer systems in the courthouse with Wazitech.

Commissioner Brent Hatch asked Welling if he had received any comments regarding the performance of the new computer system.

Welling reported that he had not heard any negative comments and the company had been to the courthouse at least once a week since the installation to check them out. The commission then voted to approve the contract with Wazitech.

Local Scout leader Jeff Breininger asked the commission to approve the use of the courthouse lobby for a Cub Scout recruiting night, which they did. That event is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 14.


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