Co. attorney addresses allegations of 2nd amendment violations

It has come to the attention of Uinta County, specifically the Uinta County Sheriff, Attorney and Board of County Commissioners, that Trevor Rasmussen, former Mountain View Police Chief and current “running-mate” of Uinta County Republican candidate, Andy Kopp, has issued communication asserting allegations against Uinta County of violating federal law and our citizens’ rights pursuant to the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article 1 §24 of the Wyoming Constitution.  This communication has not only been disseminated privately amongst undisclosed citizens but has also been posted by a constituent on social media.
An email from the candidate to the County Attorney, Sheriff and Board of County Commissioners was received September 21, 2022, asserting a confirmed belief of violation of federal law by the current “administration” and notice that the matter may be addressed in the course of a campaign.  Immediate review of the issue resulted in any and all records in any system, electronic or otherwise, operated by the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office related to the reporting requirements of federal firearms importers, manufacturers and dealers to a purchase of multiple firearms pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §923(g)(3)(A) being immediately redacted and/or destroyed.  Any such record within the central data base utilized by law enforcement was considered the sole property and under the control of the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office, was a confidential internal record and was not subject to disclosure or production by any person pursuant to the Wyoming Public Records Act, state and federal law.  These were reports generated in the course and business practice of the Uinta County Sheriff, however, and were subjected to affirmation and peer review within the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office.  In fact, Sergeant Andy Kopp reviewed and approved no less than twelve of these specific reports addressed by Trevor Rasmussen’s political propaganda against Uinta County.
 An internal investigation conducted by the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office has revealed that a multitude of law enforcement officers viewed and, based upon the record within the data base, printed these confidential records without any notice or permission of the Uinta County Sheriff, the designated Uinta County Public Records Ombudsman or the County Attorney.  Such release and disclosure may constitute a violation of Wyoming law and is subject to further investigation.  Audit of access and use of the data system has also confirmed disclosures by unauthorized individuals of other confidential materials, including pending criminal investigations of the Sheriff’s Office, further complicating this issue.  More concerning is that individuals sworn to uphold and protect the laws of the United States and the State of Wyoming appear to have been concerned that these confidential records violated federal law and did not report those violations to any local, state or federal agency — let alone the Sheriff or County Attorney.
It is imperative that the general public, and particularly the citizens of Uinta County, are aware that no nefarious or ill intent was ever present in any confidential electronic record keeping by any agent of the Sheriff’s Office.  This should not be a campaign or political issue in any fashion.  To the contrary, the specific intent of the record was to document and protect Uinta County’s businesses to insure a record was maintained of their compliance with federal notification requirements.  Further, immediately upon receipt of even a potential violation of federal law, any and all said records were destroyed and/or redacted and, finally, no authorized member of the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office ever approved or distributed any record of any purchase of any firearm based upon any multiple firearm reports (ATF Form 3310.4 or its equivalent) at any time.
It is the intent for this communication to be received clearly and unequivocally.  Contrary to Mr. Rasmussen’s assertions, the fact that “other agencies” were aware of a potential issue only demonstrates the failure of those alleged agencies to assist their brothers in law enforcement and notify them of the concern.  Instead, Mr. Rasmussen has asserted a malicious intention by Uinta County to assemble and promulgate a de facto firearm registry.  The remedy instituted herein has absolutely nothing to do with a political campaign and would have occurred immediately upon receipt of notice from any one of the several law enforcement officers that were concerned about this issue.
The Uinta County Board of County Commissioners, Sheriff, County Attorney and other elected officers, as well as every member of the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office, have taken an oath to protect and serve the people of Uinta County and specifically the United States and Wyoming Constitutions.  Those protections have and will continue to include protection of our citizens’ rights pursuant to the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution as well as Article 1 §24 of the Wyoming Constitution.  No inference, infringement or implication otherwise is appropriate and will occur absent response.
Loretta Howieson Kallas
Uinta County & Prosecuting Attorney