City council confirms annual appointments

Evanston Youth Club Director Holly Slade-West requests a lease extension for the club’s 4th Street building during Tuesday’s city council meeting. The request was approved unanimously. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — The Evanston City Council approved several annual appointments made by the mayor during this week’s meeting, held Tuesday, Jan. 7. Those appointed for one year were: Chief of Police Jon Kirby, City Clerk Nancy Stevenson, City Treasurer Trudy Lym, Community Development Director Rocco O’Neill, Director of Engineering and Planning Dean Barker, Public Works Director Gordon Robinson, City Attorney Dennis Boal, Municipal Court Judge Mark Harris, City Prosecutor Amanda Kirby and Alternate Municipal Court Judge Clayton Thomas.

Evan Perkes nominated Tim Lynch for council president and Mike Sellers seconded the nomination. Lynch was approved with a unanimous vote.

Trudy Lym addressed a motion to accept financial disclosure statements from the mayor, council members, city clerk and treasurer.

“As you know Wyoming Statute 6-5-118 states that public officials who have authority to make decisions on public funds have to disclose any personal or business interest the official has with depositories or firms where cty funds are invested,” Lym said. “That is why your financial disclosure statements have been requested and I have received all of them.”

Lym also addressed the next item, which was Resolution 20-01, officially designating Uinta Bank, Wells Fargo, First Bank Evanston and Bank of the West as depositories for monies of the city. Lym said this is renewed annually and all the banks are the same as last year. The city has funds in all of them and nothing has changed.

Resolution 20 – 01 was unanimously approved.

Last to be voted on was Resolution 20 – 02 authorizing the execution of a building use agreement with the Evanston Youth Club for Boys and Girls, a Wyoming nonprofit corporation, to provide a youth after school program in a city building.

Mayor Kent Williams said he had talked to Boal that morning and he had no problems with the agreement. His only concern was that they not obligate future councils, and Article III in the agreement provides for the city to reserve the right and discretion at all times to cancel and terminate the agreement with a 30-day written notice.

“This is essentially the same agreement we have had before for the building on 4th Street which we share with ECDC, except there is a change in the tenure of the agreement,” youth club director Holly Slade-West said. “We would like to extend the time from five years to 10 years. We eventually want to have our club all under the one roof on 6th Street and continue to raise funds for that eventual move. We appreciate your consideration for an extension of the lease on 4th Street.”

The council unanimously approved Resolution 20 – 02 and complimented Slade-West on the wonderful job she and others do at the youth club.

All department heads thanked the council for their continuing appointments.

Scott Ehlers advised the council that he had submitted an application for Evanston Parks and Recreation to host the Senior Olympics in 2021.


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