City approves OHV stickers, supports SWOT trails project

Members of the Evanston City Council listen as Herald publisher and Southwest Wyoming Off-road Trails (SWOT) representative Mark Tesoro talks about a proposed trails system. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — The Nov. 3 Evanston City Council meeting began last week with an agenda addition of Resolution 20-86 to be added to the agenda.

Under unfinished business for the third and final reading was Ordinance 20-14, which will allow off-road recreational vehicles (ORV) on city streets with certain requirements: the vehicle must  display a current State of Wyoming ORV registration decal; the operator must have a valid driver’s license; yield the right-of-way to all traffic in the main traveled roadway; shall be equipped with and use lighted lamps and illuminating devices from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise; the vehicle must have an adequate braking device; and the vehicle shall be equipped with a noise muffler which produces a propulsion noise level of not more than 102 decibels at 20 inches in a stationary test.

Kirby said he had no problems with the ordinance, and the council voted unanimously to approve it on the third and final reading.

Southwest Wyoming Off-road Trails (SWOT) representative and Uinta County Herald publisher Mark Tesoro thanked the council and Mayor Kent Williams for their support of the off-road trails project.

Under new business, Evanston City Attorney Dennis Boal read a motion to award the bid for the completion of all work required to install a liner for the pool at the Evanston Recreation Center to the apparent low bidder, Aquatic Renovation Systems, Inc. Boal said the company has worked on the pool in the past.

The last item was the resolution added at the beginning of the meeting, presented by Evanston Director of Engineering and Planning Dean Barker. This resolution asked for an amendment to the contract with Uinta Engineering & Surveying for Phase 2 of the City View water main replacement project.

“There is a huge need for redesign alignment in order to tie in all of the services,” Barker said, “and the change order was already approved so we need to amend the contract.”

As stated in the contract, the change order reflects additional inspection days. Also, realignment of water main was required since the location of the water main was not as shown on city plans. The fee listed for the alignment redesign is $3,453, and the charge for the extra days per contract is $11,900.

The council unanimously approved the resolution.


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