Ceremony celebrates local youth camp

Attendees listen to speakers at last week's ceremony, honoring many for their contributions — including Wayne Asay, pictured sitting to the right — to the Uinta County Youth Camp, which is now 50 years old. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — A celebration was held in front of the Uinta County Complex on Tuesday, Aug. 2, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Uinta County Youth Camp. The event began with Alison Van Lente, with the Evanston Fire Department Pipe and Drums, playing a bagpipe while the crowd gathered outside the front doors of the complex.

Mayor Kent Williams welcomed everyone to the celebration and introduced a local Scout troop, who conducted a flag ceremony. The Scouts participating were: Brandon Bowen, Ray G. Bradshaw, Darcy Bradshaw, Sage Bradshaw and Corbin Richard. Printed on the dark blue flag they raised were the words, “50th Anniversary, Youth Camp.”

Following the flag ceremony, Uinta County Commissioner Eric South spoke about the history of the camp.

“Mary Crompton wrote and received a grant from the Wyoming Recreation Commission to start the camp,” South said. “Without her and Wayne Asay at the Agriculture Extension Office, we wouldn’t have the camp. Wayne had a vision and, with the help of Mary and many others, the camp came to be a reality.”

South said his father, Ren South, donated lumber; Rocky Young, Bridger Valley Electric, Hight Proffit, and many other local people contributed to the building of the camp. Commissioner South then introduced Asay and asked him to come forward to accept an award for his service to the youth camp.

Upon receiving the award, Asay said, “I accept this award on behalf of everybody that helped to build the camp and gave so much to see it happen.”

South added, “Thank you to all who had a part; it’s a lasting legacy.”

Commissioner Brent Hatch spoke next and said it takes a group of people to make a dream come true. Hatch thanked Asay and all who had a part in the building of the camp. He added that the camp is truly a lasting legacy for the Scouts and the many others who spend time there.

Young was the last to speak and told how he had been the director of the Youth Conservation Corps at the time the youth camp was being started. He asked the Forest Service and the Wyoming Recreation Commission if his crew of five teens could help to build the camp.  Young’s crew ended up building a road from the Meeks Cabin Dam into the campsite.

Some of the trees they had to cut down to develop a road were used to build cabins at the camp. Young said it was a great experience for himself and for the young people in his YCC crew. 

“My family has held reunions at the camp for going on 15 or more years now,” Young said. “I am very sentimental about the camp.”

Mayor Williams thanked everyone and invited all to gather inside the commission chambers for cake. Closing out the ceremony, Van Lente played “America the Beautiful” on the bagpipes as she marched around the guests. Inside the chambers, Scout leaders Karen Breininger and Millie Bradshaw cut the cake, and the Scouts served the guests.


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