Caleb Richins earns Eagle, thanks Scouting leaders

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EVANSTON — An Eagle Court of Honor was held on behalf of Caleb Richins on Sunday, Sept. 17. That evening, with friends and family, Richins was awarded his Eagle rank, along with his Bronze Palm.

Much work and dedication was spent to earn this reward, but it was well worth the time. Richins awarded Elmo Smith with a mentoring pin for his dedication and support to help him achieve this rank.

Richins said he would like to thank his parents, especially his mother, for encouraging him to stretch and grow in the Scouting program.

He said he would also like to thank all of the leaders he has had through his Scouting career. He said they have been a great example to him and have helped him to grow into a better young man.

Richins said he would also like to give special thanks to Cleve Erickson, Jon Bitton and Jeff Young for their expertise and assistance.

For his project, Richins supervised the completion of a concrete patio slab in the entranceway of the kitchen area at the bowery across from the LDS church on Elm Street. He worked many hours to organize and complete the project.

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