Break-in at local bar

EVANSTON — An Evanston business was broken into early Wednesday morning. Spanky’s Bar on Bear River Drive is the latest victim. It follows three Evanston burglaries a little over a month ago. 

Marsha Redding, who owns Spanky’s with her husband, Ian Redding, said they didn’t find anything missing, but those responsible kicked in the door of their storage shed. She said someone threw a rock through one of the bar’s side windows then crawled through it to enter the bar.

She said the alarm company they use called them at 2:15 a.m., saying two motion sensor alarms had gone off. The Reddings made it to Spanky’s within five minutes and officers were already on the scene.

Marsha Redding said police believe the alarm scared the would-be burglar or burglars and that’s why nothing was stolen.

On Sept. 22, Keggers, Lincoln Highway Tavern and Purple Sage Golf Course were broken into. Those crimes are being investigated as part of a larger string of burglaries along the I-80 corridor.

Tuesday’s crime, however, wasn’t quite like the others, Evanston Police Lt. Ken Pearson said.

“We’re not leaning that way yet,” he said. “It’s not the same MO as the other ones. This one, I think, was a local yokel.”

Pearson said the investigation is ongoing.

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