Booze approved for MMA fights

J.P. Mariano of JP Marketing & Events speaks during the Oct. 1 Evanston City Council meeting. The company is holding mixed martial arts events at the Machine Shop on Saturday, and Mariano requested a limited malt beverage permit, which the council approved. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — All Evanston City Council members were present at the Oct. 1 regular meeting. No public hearing or special orders were on the agenda, so the council moved to the consent agenda.

JP Marketing & Events, LLC, requested a limited malt beverage permit for a mixed martial arts exhibition in the Machine Shop from 6-9:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 12.

Evanston Police Chief Jon Kirby addressed the request and said that JP Marketing and the police department were still working out the requirements for the building for the alcohol permit. He didn’t think there would be a problem, but there was a little confusion over what the state requires and what Evanston’s police department requires for the use of the building. Kirby also said that JP Marketing would issue visible wristbands for those who are able to purchase alcohol. 

Mayor Williams asked, “If we approve this request tonight and they aren’t able to address the requirements you have, then the agreement would be negated, right?”

Kirby said that was correct, but he thought it could all be worked out satisfactorily. 

J.P. Mariano of JP Marketing & Events then addressed the council. Mariano said the event would have one bartender who was certified to check identification and issue wristbands and there would also be a security officer present. 

“Our company is based in Logan, Utah. We have had fight nights in Idaho, Utah and other towns in Wyoming. The event consists of karate, wrestling and boxing for all ages. It is great to see young kids get excited about martial arts. The police and EMTs will be present; however, since 2012 we have never had a negative incident where we had to kick anyone out. We have liability insurance for the fighters and the audience. We are sanctioned by the Wyoming Gaming Commission and under the jurisdiction of the Wyoming Athletic Commission. Our mission is to provide athletes an opportunity to practice, develop, and use their skills,” Mariano said. 

The council approved the request with the condition that all requirements are met. Mayor Williams asked Mariano to meet with Kirby after the meeting.

There were three resolutions under new business.

Resolution 19 – 61 would authorize the execution of an enforcing-underage-drinking contract with the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police.

Kirby said, “This grant is a little over $2,000 and is one that we have had for a number of years. We use the money for extra policing during high school graduation and summer events. The grant has an education component to it as well.”

Resolution 19 – 62 was read by attorney Dennis Boal. Williams said Dean Barker had previously discussed this resolution with him and had asked to be excused from the meeting.

Resolution 19 – 62 would authorize the execution of Amendment No. 1 to the Standard Agreement with Morrison-Maierle, Inc. to conduct a study of the Crestview Drive Road Extension. 

The amendment is essentially a modification to the time allotted for Morrison-Maierle, Inc. for their services from a completion date of Oct. 1 to be changed to Oct. 7. 

The last item on the agenda was Resolution 19 – 63 approving change order number one for the Safe Routes to Evanston Aspen Elementary School Project.

Ryan Welling, speaking for Maxfield Construction, Inc., said there was a drainage issue at the ADA ramp south of the entrance of the school and they needed to install a catch basin and run pipe to a second catch basin inlet at the existing main line storm drain. Also, the plastic domes that were in the original bid need to be replaced with cast iron truncated domes. The total cost for the change order is $5,550.

Welling said they are approximately two weeks out for completion of the project.

All three resolutions were unanimously approved. 


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