'Anxiety Attack' and 'Relapse' at annual truck and tractor pull

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EVANSTON — The annual truck and tractor pulls took place at the Uinta County Fair on Thursday, entertaining a crowd of onlookers late into the night. 

Organized by United Truck and Tractor Pullers, the event was hosted in Shoshone, Idaho, on July 29 and will be hosted again in Bozeman, Montana on August 26 as the pulling season nears its end. 

Mike Harding took first place in the stock gas class in his 1984 Chevy “Vindictive” with a pull of 266 feet. Garth Biebinger pulled just over 255 feet in his first attempt but opted for another try and finished with a pull of 252.64 feet for second place. He is currently the 2017 points leader in this class, according to the United Pullers official website. Warren Jones fell closely behind for third at 248.09 feet.  

In the work-stock diesel class, Gene Boehme pulled 277.12 feet for first place with a 2006 Dodge named “The Yeti.” Boehme drove this truck in the stead of its owner, Austin Elsmore, who was not competing Thursday. Cliff Towne took second place with a 260.31 foot pull, and Ryan Higley pulled 253.26 feet for third. 

Ed Tarbet drove “Red Neck Rig” 264.02 feet for first place in the super stock 4x4 class. Wes Espinosa took second with 241.92 feet, narrowly beating Dave Burley’s pull of 240.91 feet for third. 

In the 2.5 diesel class, Colby Swanson took first in “Wild Anytime” with a 299.19 foot pull. Kyle Messerly pulled 291.29 for second, while Bryant Evans came in third with 276.63. 

 In the open street class, first place went to Liz Stott’s 282.84 foot pull in “Relapse.” Gene Boehme took second place with 268.54 feet, and Kaleab Hales took third with 255.5.   

In the micro mini class, sole participant Trevor Beecher pulled 249.4 feet in “Little Hammer.” In the modified 2WD class, sole participant Larry Fontenot pulled 295.29 feet with “Old Hippie.” 

Mark Conner pulled 305.85 feet in “Anxiety Attack” for first place in the pro stock 4x4 class. Andy Kober pulled 298.86 for second, and Tracy Fairchild placed third with 297.07. 

In the modified 4x4 class, Wade Lambert took first with a 305.79 foot pull in “Strictly Business.” Mike VanAlfen fell barely underneath this distance with 304.26 for second, which was an even narrower victory over Gilbert Martinez, who took third with 303.02. 

The pro modified 4x4 class saw a winning pull of 310.95 feet from Jo Green in “Never Satisfied,” and a close second from Chris Burchett with 309.95. Andrew Merlette pulled 259.57 for third place. 

Steve Durrant drove “Slightly Wild” to first-place victory in the 3.0 class with a pull of 335.04 feet. Trevor Larking pulled 333.9 for second place, and Tom Hanson took third with a pull of 329.58. 

Shawn Baca won the pro modified diesel class with his 367.67 foot pull in “Master Shredder.” Second place went to Jason Scott for his pull of 361.72 feet, and Ryan Thain took third place with 355.94. 

In the final class of the night, the super modified 2WD class, Fred Tjoelker pulled 317.52 feet in “Pacific Thunder” for first place. Dennis Marson took second with 314.63, and Mike Merlette finished in third place with a pull of 212.44 feet. 

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