Amazing Race provides fun for all

EVANSTON — What do folding breadstick boxes, printing T-shirts, playing songs on a ukulele, maintaining yoga poses, taking a shot of some sort of chocolate-pickle juice concoction, spinning in a circle 10 times and then moving a refrigerator across a parking lot have in common?

These and more were all challenges in this year’s Main Street Amazing Race held in downtown Evanston on the evening of Friday, Aug. 17, when 13 two-person teams raced to complete challenges devised by 15 area merchants and organizations. 

The Uinta Senior Center sold burgers as a fundraiser and DJ Kevin Kallas kept the music playing while teams ran, or at least walked briskly, between challenges. 

At Quick Check, competitors were asked to tie inflatable unicorn horns to their heads and toss rings onto one another’s horns, while at Kallas Auto the challenge was to match up nuts, bolts and washers as quickly as possible. 

Stops at NU2U and a booth set up by SAFV required some selfies to be posted on social media and Moonflower Yoga got team members to stop the racing and center themselves long enough to maintain a tree pose. 

Home Décor hosted a scavenger hunt to interpret clues and find items in the store, iSOLVu Escape Room required some creative puzzle solving and Kevin Kallas challenged folks to “name that tune.” Mountain Music required the ukulele playing, Varsity Ink the T-shirt printing, Domino’s the box folding and Cazin’s the refrigerator moving. 

When teams got to Kate’s they challenged one another to a fast-moving game of the classic board game “Candyland,” the Senior Center asked competitors to find a willing victim on the street to agree to be dressed up in some questionable fashions, and Main Street Deli required blindfolded cupcake decorating and feeding. 

New to the race this year was a traveling trophy for the local business that sponsored the winning team, and Kate’s will have the honor of displaying that “trophy” — consisting of a clock and a sparkly pair of running shoes — for the next year. 

Teams that came in first, second and third were awarded Main Street dollars to use at downtown merchants. The first-place team representing Kate’s consisted of Brian and Sheila McGuire.

Second place competitors were Emileigh Hillstead and Easton Kopp and third place went to Frankie Hales and Nikki Hodson, who were also recognized as some of the best costume winners.


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