9-1-2020 Uinta County Herald legal notices


The following property will be sold by written bid by 9:00 a.m. MST on 9/3/2020.

2015 Peterbilt 579 1XPBDP9X9FD273590

To inquire about this item please call Bret Swenson at 801-624-5864.

Transportation Alliance Bank 4185 Harrison Blvd Ogden, UT 84403

PUBLISHED: August 28, Sept. 1, 2020 08234



To: John Doe - Notice is hereby given that on September 4, 2020, 10 a.m., at 1488 Rawlins Lane, Lyman, WY 82937 the undersigned will sell at public auction in accordance with 29-7-101 a 2001 Toyota Corolla, VIN 1NXBR12EX1Z535937, for services rendered.

Dated: August 25, 2020          Larry Castle

PUBLISH: Aug. 25, Sept. 1, 2020         08251


Official Proceedings of the

Uinta County Commissioners

Evanston, WyomingAugust 18, 2020

The Uinta County Commissioners met in regular session on August 18, 2020 in the commission chambers, 225 9th Street, Evanston.  Chairman Eric South convened meeting at 2:00 p.m. Commissioner Craig Welling and Commissioner Mark Anderson were present.  Also present: Amanda Hutchinson, County Clerk and Doug Matthews, Sheriff.


Motion Welling, second Anderson to approve the agenda amended to include Amanda Hutchinson with a budget amendment and Doug Matthews with a contract amendment.  3 yes votes, passed.

CMAQ Funding

Motion Anderson, second Welling to ratify Resolution 20-21 authorizing an application with WYDOT for dust suppression on County Roads as requested by Kent Williams, Planner.  3 yes votes, passed.

Cooperative Law Enforcement Agreement

Motion Welling, second Anderson to approve the Cooperative Law Enforcement Agreement between the Sheriff’s Office and the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest for up to $5,000.00 as requested by Doug Matthews, Sheriff.  3 yes votes, passed.

Summit Foods

Motion Anderson, second Welling to approve an amendment increasing the contract fees by 3% to provide meals to inmates.  3 yes votes, passed.

CARES Act Grant Update

Kim West gave an update on the CARES Act Grant stating the county anticipates being awarded the full requested amount of $175,237.00.  A contract will be provided in the coming weeks, but is not available yet.

Fire Closure Resolution

Motion Welling, second Anderson to approve Resolution 20-22 establishing fire restrictions for Uinta County that will be effective August 19, 2020 as requested by Eric Quinney, Fire Warden.  3 yes votes, passed.

CARES Act Grant Agreement

Motion Anderson, second Welling to approve the CSBG CARES Act Grant between the Wyoming Dept. of Health and Uinta County for $156,999.00 to enhance poverty-fighting efforts and respond to impacts of the Coronavirus Disease pandemic through the CSBG network as requested by Jim Hissong, Human Services.  3 yes votes, passed.

Health Plan Amendment

Motion Welling, second Anderson to approve an amendment to the health plan to clarify the coverage of telemedicine for the new plan year effective August 1, 2020.  3 yes votes, passed.

Budget Amendment No. 1

Motion Anderson, second Welling to approve Resolution 20-23 FY2021 Budget Amendment #1 as presented by Amanda Hutchinson, County Clerk. 3 yes votes, passed.


Motion Anderson second Welling to approve the minutes of the August 4, 2020 meeting.  3 yes votes, passed.


Motion Welling, second Anderson to approve warrants 444393 through 444502 excluding warrant 444478. 

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE WARRANTS:  All West Communications, $1,138.35, Phone/Internet Service; American Linen-Steiner Corp, $292.72, Laundry Services; Axis Forensic Toxicology, Inc, $239.00, Forensic Lab; Bank of the West (CoClerk), $1,101.54, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Commissary), $35.00, Credit Card; Bank of the West (Commissioners), $37.64, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Drug Court), $1,898.00, Credit Card; Bank of the West (IT), $13,373.26, Credit Card; Bank of the West (Landfill), $109.94, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Maintenance), $7,467.93, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Mosquito), $1.77, Credit Cards;Bank of the West (Museum), $190.85, Credit Card; Bank of the West (Public Health), $633.90, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Planning), $4.49, Credit Cards;Bank of The West (Sheriff), $1,033.57, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Treasurer), $381.25, Credit Card; Benedict Ace Hardware, $307.04, Supplies; Benedict Trading Company, $68.00, Hardware/Supplies; Best Home Health & Hospice, $169.00, Prisoner Medical; Evanston Youth Club for Boys & Girl $2,928.45,registration Fees; Bridgerland Carquest, $1,738.75, Auto Parts; Bridger Valley Electric, $2,867.00, Utilities; Bridger Valley Joint Powers Board, $120.00, Utilitites;Bridger Valley Pioneer, $99.60, Advertising; Wex Bank/Cardwell (Assessor), $363.67, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (Commun), $105.80, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (IT), $27.61, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (Mosquito), $213.37, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (Maint), $1,816.12, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (PH), $20.33, Fuel;Wex Bank/Cardwell (Planning), $129.54, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (RBW), $47.02, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (Sheriff), $5,591.25, Fuel; Caves,Tenisha, $59.23, Mileage; Cazin’s, $1,343.08, Hardware/Landscaping; Century Link, $2,236.77, Telephone; City Of Evanston (Utilities), $4,719.52, Utilities; Codale Electric Supply Inc, $181.70, Parts; Covolo Auto Farm Service, $31.52, Auto Parts; Cummins Intermountain LLC, $1,217.76, Equipment Parts; Cummins Intermountain LLC, $1,217.76,Parts;Dasher, Susan, $30.00, Reimbursement; Deru’s, $21.00, Bldg Maintenance; Dustbusters Inc, $89,377.69, Dustgard; Elections Systems and Software LLC, $258.81, Election Supplies; Ellingford Bros., Inc. (Maint), $560.00, Concrete/Parts; Evanston Uinta Joint Powers Bd, $505.94, Rent; Fastenal Company, $10.50, Maintenance Supplies;  Federal Express Corp, $31.62, Shipping; Fire Supression Services Inc, $4,328.48, Repairs; Geotec Industrial Supply, $2,034.64, Supplies; Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals, $3,099.30, Vaccine; Grass Valley a Business Trust, $500.00, Rental Assistance; Greyhound Lines Inc, $388.00, Travel Assistance; Greenwood Mapping, Inc., $6,600.00, Redistricting; Harris Law Office P C, $1,929.86, Legal Services; Hewlett-Packard Financial Services, $89.02, Computer Equipment; High Country Behavioral Health, $136.00, Professional Services; IBS, Inc, $82.11, Parts; Rocky Mountain Battery LLC, $742.70, Battery; Jacobs Engineering, $61,587.91, Contract Services; John Deere Financial (Maint), $146.68, Hardware/Maintenance; Komatsu Equipment Co, $392.44, Parts; Smith’s Customer Charges, $74.49, Supplies; Landmark 05 LLC, $85.00, Professional Services; Lefevre,Zarah, $24.98,Shoes; Mark’s Plumbing Parts &, $68.97, Parts; Maverick Networks Inc, $120.00,Supplies ; Mckesson Medical Surgical, $582.31, Medical Supplies; Merck & Co., Inc., $4,763.40, Medical Supplies; National Institute for Jail Op, $1,485.00, Training; Office Products Dealer Inc, $263.48, Office Supplies; Questar Gas Company, $794.05, Utilities;Quill Corp, $50.99, Office Supplies; Real Kleen Janitorial & Repair, $1,521.43, Janitorial; RelaDyne West LLC, $2,899.50, Fuel; Ricoh USA, Inc, $11.59, Copier Maintenance; Ricoh USA, Inc, $11.59, Copies; River Glen Limited Partnership, $496.00, Rental Assistance; Rocky Mountain Power (Utilities), $4,743.11, Electricity; Rocky Mountain Power (Assist), $836.58, Utility Assistance; SAFV Task Force, Inc., $1,503.00, Support Funds; Sanofi Pasteur, $360.89, Medical Supplies; Skaggs Companies Inc, $64.00, Uniforms; Wyoming Department Of Health, $92.48, State Car/Payroll; Standard Plumbing Supply Co, $29.79, Plumbing;SUMMIT FOOD SERVICES, LLC, $3,030.50, Food Contract Services; Superior Rental Inc, $170.00, Rental/Parts/Repairs; Sylvestri Customization, $600.00, Website Maintenance; Tessco Technologies Inc, $350.90, Communication Supplies; The Printed Word, $28.00, Supplies; Town Of Lyman, $432.50, Rent; Town Of Mt View, $612.47, Utilitites; Disability IN Uinta County, $866.89, Training; Uinta County Treasurer (Grants), $5,650.00, Grant Funding; Uinta Co Herald, $833.00, Advertising/Subscription; Uinta County Museum, $249.08, Support Funds; Uinta Co Treasurer (Postage), $2,449.65, Postage; Uinta County Treasurer, $914.19, Petty Cash; UniFirst Corporation, $675.88, Laundry Services; United Refrigeration Inc, $133.38, Equipment Parts; Union Telephone Company, $57.98, Cell/Telephone; US Postmaster (Evanston), $226.00, Postage; Vector Disease Control Int, LLC, $25,000.00, Aerial Spraying; VLCM, $1,312.00, Computer Hardware;Wells Fargo Financial Leasing, $113.00, Copier Lease; Westar Printing, $89.33, Printing; White Mountain Lumber, $1,257.42, Building Maintenance; Dept of Workforce Services, $30.67, Unemployment; Wyo Dept of Health/Preventive, $314.00, Testing; Wyoming Waste Services - Rock, $183.24, Garbage Disposal;Yellow Creek Village, $490.00, Rental Assistance.

3 yes votes, passed.  Commissioner Anderson recused himself on warrant 444478 due to a conflict of interest.  Motion Welling, second South to approve warrant 444478.  2 yes votes, passed.

Court Proceedings

Welling stated that the City of Evanston has been very helpful in scheduling hearings at the Machine shop and they have waived fees.  The Commissioners wanted to show their appreciation to the city on record.

Meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

Eric South, Chairman


Attest: Amanda Hutchinson


PUBLISHED: Sept. 1, 2020       09011



Notice is hereby given that the State of Wyoming, Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Air Quality, proposes to issue a renewed Wyoming Air Quality Standards and Regulations (WAQSR) Chapter 6, Section 3 operating permit to the following applicant for the Eakin Compressor Station in Uinta County, Wyoming:

Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline, LLC

PO Box 45360

Salt Lake City, UT 84145

The Eakin Compressor Station is located in Section 24 of Township 17 North, Range 114 West, in Uinta County, Wyoming (9 miles north-northeast of Lyman, Wyoming).  The facility is a natural gas compressor station.

Interested parties may examine the draft permit, permit application, and statement of basis for the permit online at the Division’s website (https://openair.wyo.gov), utilizing facility ID F000692 and permit number P0027626 under permits.  Additionally, during the state of emergency declared by Governor Gordon on March 13, 2020, if you have questions about or need assistance accessing the materials, please contact Nancy Vehr, Air Quality Division Administrator, Department of Environmental Quality, 200 West 17th St., Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002, by fax at 307-635-1784, via phone at 307-777-3746, or via email at [email protected]  In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, special assistance or alternate formats will be made available upon request for individuals with disabilities. 

Public comments or a request for a hearing must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. local time (Mountain) on October 1, 2020.  Requests for a hearing shall be in writing and shall include the name and contact information of the person requesting the hearing, a brief statement identifying the purpose of the request, and a brief statement of the issues to be discussed.  For the duration of the state of emergency declared by Governor Gordon on March 13, 2020, public hearings will be conducted telephonically.  Written public comments or requests for a hearing should be directed to the Administrator, Division of Air Quality, Department of Environmental Quality, 200 West 17th Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002.  The FAX number for the Division is (307) 635-1784.  Comments or requests submitted by email will not be included in the administrative record.

Para español, visite deq.wyoming.gov.

PUBLISHED: Sept. 1, 2020       09012