7-23-2021 Uinta County Herald legal notices


The Owner will accept sealed proposals, subject to the conditions contained in the General Conditions, Special Provisions and Specifications until August 10, 2021, at 3:00 p.m., at the County Clerks Office, Uinta County Courthouse 225 9th St., Evanston Wyoming, 82930, in the Commissioners conference room, and then publicly opened and read aloud. Proposals shall include furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment necessary for performing the work. Proposals will be received for the work as set forth in the bid package, the project generally being described as follows:

This project shall consist of designing, manufacturing, and delivering a bridge and railing with a 70-foot span and a width of 22 feet to the crossing of County Road 274 and the Smith’s Fork River.

Copies of the plans, specifications and contract documents may be obtained by contacting the office of Uinta Engineering and Surveying, Inc.

808 Main Street

Evanston, Wyoming, 82930

Phone:(307) 789-3602

Fax: 789-6456

These documents will be available electronically for download at no cost, by contacting the Engineer for instructions.

Wyoming State Statutes apply to the bidding and construction of this Public Works Project including but not limited to the following sections:

W.S. 15-1-113;            5% Bid Bond Required

W.S. 16-6-102;            5% Resident Contractor Preference

W.S. 16-6-104;            5% Wyoming Materials and Suppliers Preference

W.S. 16-6-112;            Performance Guarantee

W.S. 16-6-201 – 16-6-206; Resident Labor Preference

W.S. 27-3-502(f);  Registration with Taxing Authority

If mailed, the bids must be placed in an envelope and clearly marked “Bid for County Road 274 Bridge Superstructure”, and mailed to County Clerk, Uinta County Courthouse, 225 9th St., Evanston Wyoming, 82930. The Owner reserves the right to reject all bids and waive any informality in same if the Governing Body determines that it is in the best interest of the Owner to do so. No bidder will be allowed to withdraw their bid for a period of thirty (30) days or until the successful bidder has entered into a contract with the Owner.

The completion date for the project shall be October 15, 2021, if possible, or at a later date specified by the Bidder.

PUB: July 23, 30, 2021     07233


Shelly M. Espinosa, 7-5983

Halliday, Watkins & Mann, P.C.

376 East 400 South, Suite 300

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Phone:  801-355-2886

Facsimile: 801-328-9714

[email protected]

Attorney for Plaintiff

HWM File Number: WY10226



U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee, for Manufactured Housing Contract Senior/Subordinate Pass-Through Certificate Trust 1998-7,

      Plaintiff      )           Civil Number:__21-83

  1. )           Honorable:_ Bluemel

The Unknown Heirs and Devisees of Gloria Orton; The Unknown Heirs and Devisees of Ray J Orton; Springcastle America Funding Trust, through its Trustee Wilmington Trust, National Association; State of Wyoming; Wyoming Credit Association, Inc.; and Unknown Parties in Possession,




DEFENDANTS LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: 359 Remington, Evanston, WY 82930

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Plaintiff has filed with the 3rd District Judicial Court, Uinta County, State of Wyoming, a Complaint for Judicial Foreclosure of property secured by a Mortgage as well as for Ownership of a Mobile Home located on the subject property.  This action pertains to the following property:

Real Property located at 359 Remington, Evanston, WY 82930, more particularly described as follows:

All of Lot 21 of Whitney Canyon Subdivision, 4th filing, being located in Uinta County, Wyoming.

Including the Mobile Home located on the property described as follows:

Make:  Atlantic/Oak Park II

Model: OP584P

Year:    1998

VIN:     47985849321AB

Title No.:  19-0239256

Plaintiff is requesting the following in its Complaint:

  1. Judgment in favor of Plaintiff on its claim for declaratory relief, declaring that Plaintiff is the Mortgagee of the Mortgage;
  2. A judgment in favor of Plaintiff stating it is the fee owner of the Mobile Home described above.
  3. Judgment in favor of Plaintiff declaring the purchaser of the property at the foreclosure sale is entitled to an Order for Ownership of the Mobile Home to provide to the Department of Motor Vehicles for the purpose of having a new Certificate of Title issue in the purchasers name for the purpose of surrendering title and having the Mobile Home permanently affixed to the real property.
  4. An order of sale and decree of foreclosure of the Property in accordance with Wyoming law, where (i) the Plaintiff is to provide such publication and notice as is required pursuant to W.S. § 1-18-101, (ii) the Plaintiff is permitted to be a purchaser at the foreclosure sale and is permitted to “credit bid” the amount owed to it, (iii) when any time for redemption has elapsed, the Sheriff or other officer conducting the sale shall execute a deed to the purchaser of the Property at the sale and that the purchaser be let into possession of the Property on production of said deed;
  5. Attorney’s fees and costs to Plaintiff in its enforcement of its rights and remedies prior to and during this litigation, including all fees incurred up and until the date of foreclosure; and
  6. Such other and further relief as the Court deems just and equitable under the circumstances.

YOUR RIGHTS MAY BE AFFECTED.  You should read this notice carefully and discuss them with your attorney, if you have one in this case.  If you do not have an attorney, you may wish to consult one.  Unless you file an answer or response or otherwise respond to the Complaint within thirty (30) days following the last date of publication of this Notice, a default judgment will be entered against you and Judgment will be entered.

Dated this 7th day of July, 2021        

BY THE CLERK OF COURT:___________________

/s/ Clerk of District Court

PUBLISHED: July 16, 23, 30, August 6. 2021   07163



Notice is hereby given that Brian Tims, Agent for Cody and Lucinda Wight has applied for a Land Use District Change (Zone Change) and Subdivision Permit for a parcel of land in Sections 13 and 24, T15N R115W.  The application would allow a change from the Agricultural/ Resource/Development (ARD) Land Use District to the Residential (R) Land Use District for the development of a five (5) lot Residential subdivision entitled the BT Marketing Subdivision.

A public hearing on this matter will be held before the Uinta County Planning and Zoning Commission on Wednesday, July 28, 2021, at approximately 7:00 p.m. in the Mountain View Town Hall, Mountain View, Wyoming.

PUBLISHED: July 16, 23 2021  07162



Pursuant to Wyoming Statute 15-1-110(b), the following are the gross annual salaries of all full time employees and elected officials.

All salaries are listed as gross annual salaries and do not include fringe benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, deferred compensation and retirement plans.  The second column includes overtime the employee earned  and was paid by the City of Evanston.       

Name  Position           Gross Annual   Overtime

Kent Williams Mayor  $30,000.00

Tim Lynch        Council Person            $7,200.00

Mike Sellers    Council Person            $7,200.00

Evan Perkes     Council Person            $7,200.00

Ronald Tib Ottley        Council Person            $7,200.00

David Welling Council Person            $7,200.00

Mikal Welling Council Person            $7,200.00

Ruline O’Neill  Community Development Director    $78,289.64

Diane Harris    City Clerk         $70,926.55

Trudy Lym       Director of Finance     $93,061.78

Gordon Robinson        Director of Public Works         $95,388.33

Michael Vranish          Police Chief     $95,387.92

Dean Barker    City Engineer   $97,773.03


Name                     Position     

Chris Jensen    Senior Court Clerk       $56,792.91

Dawn Worley  Administrative Assistant         $46,612.58

DuWayne Jacobsen    Senior Planner $65,862.36

Dianne Keyes  Sr. Utility Billing & Cash Receipting    $50,196.65

Andrea Coley   Utility Billing & Cash Receipting         $44,366.52

Dana Kohler    Sr. Accounts Payable Technician        $51,451.57

Diana Ottley    Finance Clerk   $42,228.70

Meike Madrid Community Relations/Grant Writer   $56,792.91

Jesse Hawkins Faciliities Supervisor   $58,212.73

Micki Cox         Facilities & Business License Technician        $44,366.52

Spencer Huffaker        Facilities Maintenance Tech   $43,284.42

Brady Odden   Facilities Maintenance Tech   $44,366.52

Martha Eguade           Building Service Worker         $37,324.02

Carmen Atencio          Building Service Worker         $36,413.67

Maria Bermudez         Building Service Worker         $36,413.67

Kristine Goble Police Records Technician/Parking Control    $39,213.55

Linda Liechty   Police Evidence Technician/Administrative Asst.      $55,407.71

Ken Pearson    Lieutenant       $76,380.14

Randall Chandler         Sr. Community Services Officer          $45,475.69      2,533.72

Terri Spero      Sr. Community Services Officer          $47,777.89      540.48

Vanessa Weekly          Victim Witness Coordinator    $51,451.57      2650.66

Rhett Groll      Lieutenant       $80,246.88

Preston Sheets            Information Technology Coordinator $76,380.14

Richard McMurray      Sergeant         $70,926.55      4162.12

Chad Liechty    Sergeant         $69,196.63      3,718.16

Scott Faddis    Police Officer III/Detective     $62,688.74      1,174.52

Justin George  Sergeant         $69,196.63      6,585.53

Shawn Stahl    Sergeant         $69,196.63      2,619.34

Becky Landes  Police Officer IV          $59,668.04      3,125.99

Ken West        Sergeant         $69,196.63      4,628.12

Ben Gilmore   Police Officer II SRO   $61,159.74      5,686.17

Chad Asay       Detective/TFO $58,212.73      4,908.39

Dustin Kennedy           Police Officer IV          $58,212.73      3,333.72

Cody Webb     Police Officer II SRO   $61,159.74      3,826.80

Nikoli Knezovich          Police Officer III          $55,407.71      1,704.07

Brandon Nelson          Police Officer IV          $61,159.74      3,381.13

James Schmidt            Police Officer IV          $58,212.73      2,757.52

Cody Saloga    Police Officer III          $55,407.71      4,136.79

Aaron Cheney  Police Officer III          $55,407.71      1351.51

Zachary Marler           Police Officer II           $55,407.71      3,875.47

Vincent Ty Asay          Police Officer IV          $58,212.73      2,020.81

Ryan Nelsen    Police Officer III          $55,407.71      1,972.69

Alexander Heide         Police Officer II           $50,196.65      2256.82

Carolyn Maddux          Administrative Assistant         $48,972.34

Andy Moon     Lead Mechanic            $62,688.74

Ricky Carrigan Mechanic II     $52,737.85

Brad Tollefson Environmental Services Manager       $72,699.71

Ron Peterson  Environmental Services Supervisor    $61,159.74

Darin Damron Environmental Services Operator III  $48,972.34

Joe Brown       Environmental Services Operator III  $47,777.89

Chevy Huffaker           Environmental Services Operator III  $47,777.89

William McDermott    Environmental Services Operator II   $46,612.58

Randy George Environmental Services Operator II   $51,451.57

Jim Wall          Environmental Services Operator III  $54,056.30

Steve Smith    Environmental Services Operator III  $50,196.65

Isaiah Sowers  Environmental Services Operator I    $42,228.70

Weston Cox     Environmental Services Operator I    $38,444.65

Herman Roybal           Distribution and Collection Manager $76,380.14

Bruce Hartzell Distribution and Collection Operator II          $52,737.85

Justin Cowan   Distribution and Collection Operator I           $41,198.73

Wesley Selby   Distribution and Collection Operator I           $43,284.42

Jason Hergert Distribution and Collection Operator I           $43,284.42

Brian Lonsway Water Treatment Plant Manager       $72,699.71

Kelsey McBroon          Water Treatment Plant Operator IV  $55,407.71

Larry Muir       Water Treatment Plant Operator I     $47,777.89

Kamille Cook   Water Treatment Plant Operator I     $45,475.69

Frank Sheets   Waste Water Plant Manager  $76,380.14

Kelly Morris     Waste Water Plant Operator IV         $59,668.04

Trevor Valentine         Waste Water Plant Operator III          $50,196.65

Daniel Sowers Waste Water Plant Operator III          $47,777.89

Bob Liechty     Building Inspector/Engineering Tech $64,255.95

Timber Erickson          GIS Analyst I    $55,407.71

PUBLISHED: July 23, 2021       07232




In the Matter of the Guardianship of Probate No. 21-26

Vincent Thomas Gallo; Victoria Josephine Gallo        Minor Children.


NOTICE TO DEREK GALLO RESPONDENT, current address is:  493 W. 550 S. Tooele UT 84074. You are hereby notified that a Petition for Appointment of Guardian of your children, Probate Action No. 21-26, has been filed in the Wyoming District Court for the Third Judicial District, whose address is: 225 9th Street Evanston, Wyoming, 82930, seeking a Guardianship of your Minor Children named above. Unless you file an Answer or otherwise respond to the Petition referenced above within 30 days following the last date of publication of this notice, a Default Judgment will be taken against you and the party’s request may be granted.

DATED this 18 day of June, 2021

By Clerk of Court: /s/ Shanda Fife, Clerk of District Court Deputy

PUBLISHED: July 2, 9, 16, 23, 2021     07023


Request for Proposal / Qualifications (RFP/Q)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Evanston Child Development Center, is requesting proposals and qualification information from any experienced material testing firm interested in providing material testing services for the Evanston Child Development Center New Building. Scope of services will consist of providing construction material testing services for the construction of a new early childhood education facility in two phases. (base bid and possible bid alternate)

RFP packages are available by contacting Tom Farrens at email [email protected] or 307-677-2219 and at the following link:   https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=ATeK_xfULEqhlOqVE6rV1fIjvjXzUOBDra6gnVSaoGFUNDZKUlRQQTAwNk1IRjhWUEtJSkFOWDIxRS4u

Sealed or emailed proposals must be received on or before August 12th 2021, 3:00 p.m., MDT

 Sealed proposals can be delivered to Kendra West – Executive Director, 336 Summit Street, Evanston WY 82930.

PUBLISHED: July 23, 30, 2021 07231