5/14/2019 Uinta County Herald legal notices


The Special Education Services Department of Uinta County School District Number One will begin destroying special education records of students who have not received any special education services from the district in the last five years. Destruction will begin on June 11, 2019.           

All special education records of students who graduated from the district, reached the age of 21, moved from the district, dropped out of district schools, or gained inactive special education status five or more years before June 11, 2019 will be shredded beginning June 11, 2019.

Any parent/guardian or student who has reached the age of majority and is otherwise competent may request a copy of the records in writing prior to June 10, 2019.

Address all inquiries and/or requests to:

            Matthew Williams, Director of Special Services

            Uinta County School District Number One

            537 Tenth Street

            PO Box 6002

            Evanston, WY 82931

PUBLISHED: May 10, 14, 2019            05102


Request for Proposal

The Board of trustees for Uinta County School District Number One, Evanston, Wyoming is requesting proposals for Horizon Roof Repairs.

Bids will be opened May 28th, 2019 at 10:00 am.  There will be a mandatory pre-bid conference on May 21st at 10 am.   Interested bidders should contact the District for more information. 

    Contact:       John R. Davis

            Director of Maintenance

            Uinta County School District Number One

            Evanston, Wyoming 82930

            307-789-7571 ext. 1072

            [email protected]

PUBLISHED: May 7, 10, 14, 17, 2019  05070



Pursuant to the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act and the Wyoming Public Service Commission’s (Commission) Procedural Rules and Special Regulations, notice is hereby given of the Application of Rocky Mountain Power (RMP or the Company) requesting authority to increase rates on deferred Net Power Costs (NPC) pursuant to Tariff Schedule 95; and to decrease rates pursuant to Tariff Schedule 93, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) emission allowances, as more fully described below:

RMP is a public utility, as defined in W.S. §37-1-101(a)(vi)(C), providing retail electric public utility service under certificates of public convenience and necessity issued by the Commission.  RMP is subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction pursuant to W.S. §37-2-112.

On April 15, 2019, the Company submitted an Application together with testimony, exhibits and revised tariff sheets requesting authority to revise and change rates pursuant to two different rate schedules: [i] its Energy Cost Adjustment Mechanism (ECAM) Tariff Schedule 95, requesting approval to increase rates by $6.55 million to recover deferred NPC; and, [ii] its REC and SO2 revenue adjustment mechanism (RRA) Tariff Schedule 93, requesting approval to decrease rates by $132 thousand to reflect the sale of RECs and SO2  emission allowances.  The total ECAM deferral from calendar year 2018 was a charge of approximately $6.55 million, which consists of: [i] deferred ECAM costs after the 30% sharing band; [ii] accrued interest of approximately $209 thousand; [iii] a credit of approximately $55 thousand from the 2017 ECAM; [iv] an increase of approximately $170 thousand from the 2018 ECAM; and, [v] a credit of $100 thousand related to the settlement of the 2017 ECAM.  RMP requests that the Commission approve the proposed increase on an interim basis, effective June 15, 2019, subject to further review and hearing.

The following table summarizes the proposed price changes by tariff rate schedule.  Within each rate schedule, the percentage change to individual customers may be higher or lower than the average due to rate design, customer load factors, and usage characteristics.  The combined effect of the 2019 RRA and ECAM in this Application represents an overall proposed rate increase of approximately $9.82 million or approximately 1.44 percent.


Schedule 2      1.04%

General Service          

Schedule 25    1.11%

Schedule 28    1.37%

Large General Service

Schedule 33    1.47%

Schedule 46    1.63%

Schedule 48T  1.64%


Schedule 40    1.35%

Schedule 210  1.08%

Lighting Schedules      0.80%

Overall 1.44%

This is not a complete description of RMP’s Amended Application.  Interested persons may inspect the entire Amended Application at RMP’s Wyoming offices and at the Commission’s offices in Cheyenne, Wyoming, during regular business hours. The Amended Application may also be reviewed on line at http://www.pacificorp.com.

Anyone desiring to file a public comment, statement, protest, intervention petition or request for a public hearing in this matter must file with the Commission in writing on or before June 7, 2019.  Any intervention request filed with the Commission shall set forth the grounds of the proposed intervention or request for hearing as well as the position and the interest of the petitioner in this proceeding.

If you wish to intervene in this matter or request a public hearing that you will attend, or you wish to file a public comment, statement, or protest, and you require reasonable accommodation for a disability, please contact the Commission at (307) 777-7427, or write to the Commission at 2515 Warren Avenue, Suite 300, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002, to make arrangements. Communications impaired persons may also contact the Commission by accessing Wyoming Relay at 711. Please mention Docket No. 20000-558-EM-19 (Record No. 15236) in your communications.

Dated:  May 10, 2019.

PUBLISHED: May 14, 21, 2019            05144



The Evanston Housing Authority will be accepting bids to replace the roofing at The Pines apartment complex. There are two 18-plex buildings and four 12-plex buildings. We would also like a bid on the clubhouse. Bids will be accepted until May 15, 2019.

For more information, call 307-789-2381 or stop in our office at 155 Apache Dr., Suite A, in Evanston, WY.

PUBLISHED: May 3, 7, 10, 14, 2019    05031



Please be informed that on Thursday, May 23rd at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 1200 Main Street, Evanston, WY, the City will conduct a public meeting to discuss potential roadway locations to connect the Aspen Groves area to Yellow Creek Rd.  Maps and additional information will be provided at the meeting for discussion purposes.

If you are interested in this public meeting, feel free to attend.  If you are differently-abled and need assistance or if you need interpretive assistance, please contact the City Engineering and Planning Department one week prior to the meeting. 

PUBLISHED: May 14, 17, 2019            05140




Department of Environmental Quality/ Air Quality Division

Annual Monitoring Network Plan

The Wyoming Air Quality Division (AQD) will submit the Wyoming Ambient Air Monitoring Annual Network Plan 2019 to EPA Region 8 in accordance with 40 CFR 58.10.  The AQD is soliciting comments from the interested public on this network plan. The plan is available for public comment, and the public will be allowed a period of thirty (30) days to submit written comments.  Public comments must be received no later than June 13, 2019.  All comments received by the close of business on June 13, 2019 will be submitted to EPA’s Region 8 along with the plan and will be retained on file in the Cheyenne office.

Notice is hereby given the State of Wyoming, Department of Environmental Quality, Air Quality Division, proposes to submit the Wyoming Ambient Monitoring Annual Network Plan 2019 to the EPA.

 Comments can be submitted to the AQD’s Monitoring Supervisor, Ms. Cara Keslar, Ambient and Emission Monitoring Supervisor, Air Quality Division, Department of Environmental Quality, 200 West 17th Street, 3rd Floor, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002.  Comments may also be submitted electronically through the following website:  (http://deq.wyoming.gov/aqd/resources/public-comments-online/).  Comments submitted by email will not be accepted.  Interested parties may examine the documentation packet and relevant supporting materials on AQD’s website http://deq.wyoming.gov/aqd/monitoring/resources/annual-network-plans/ as well as the AQD’s Cheyenne office.  Arrangements can be made with the AQD to copy relevant materials, if necessary (a fee will be assessed for reproductions).  In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, special assistance or alternate formats will be made available upon request for individuals with disabilities.

PUBLISHED: May 14, 2019      05142




Civil No. 19-57

JAY L. LOFTON, Plaintiff          ) 

  1. )

DANENE KENDRICK, Defendant          )




You are notified that a Complaint for Divorce, Civil Action No. 19-57, has been filed in the Wyoming District Court for the Third Judicial District, Uinta County, whose address is 225 9th Street, Evanston, WY  82930 seeking dissolution of your marriage to Jay Lofton and a Decree of Divorce in his favor.       

You are further notified that unless you answer, or otherwise respond to said Complaint on or before the 24th day of June, 2019, the allegations in said Complaint will be taken as true and a default judgment will be taken against you and a Decree of Divorce will be granted.

DATED this 25 day of April, 2019.


By Shanda Fife

Clerk of District Court / Deputy

PUBLISHED: April 30, May 7, 14, 21, 2019     04304



WHEREAS, default in the payment of principal and interest has occurred under the terms of a promissory note (the “Note”) dated 06/20/2008 executed and delivered by Rodney Gene Reinholz and Mary C. Reinholz to Wells Fargo Financial Wyoming, Inc. and a real estate mortgage (the “Mortgage”) of the same date securing the Note, which Mortgage was executed and delivered by Rodney Gene Reinholz and Mary C. Reinholz, husband and wife  (the “Mortgagors”), to  Wells Fargo Financial Wyoming, Inc., and which Mortgage was recorded on 07/03/2008, as Entry No. 143700; Book 916, Page 744 in the records of the office of the County Clerk and ex-officio Register of Deeds in and for Uinta County, State of Wyoming; and

The property covered by said Mortgage is described as follows:

All of Lot 10 of the Brookside Acres Subdivision, being located in the Town of Mountain View, Uinta County, Wyoming, filed May 6, 1983, as Instrument No. R6731, in the office of the Uinta County Clerk.

With an address of : 173 Richards Street Mountain View, WY 82939.

WHEREAS, the property being foreclosed upon may be subject to other liens and encumbrances that will not be extinguished at the sale. Any prospective purchaser should research the status of title before submitting a bid;

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Wyoming Statutes Section 34-4-109(2003) that the

foreclosure sale scheduled for 10:00 in the forenoon on 05/01/2019 at the Uinta County Court House Information Desk located at 225 9th Street, Evanston, Uinta County, State of Wyoming, has been postponed to 10:00 in the forenoon on 06/05/2019 at Uinta County Court House Information Desk located at 225 9th Street, Evanston, Uinta County, State of Wyoming.

 Wells Fargo USA Holdings, Inc.

By: The Sayer Law Group, P.C.

925 E. 4th St.

Waterloo, IA 50703

(319) 234-2530

PUBLISHED: April 30, May 7, 14, 21, 28, June 4, 2019           04301



To: John Doe - Notice is hereby given that on May 31, 2019, 10 a.m., at 1488 Rawlins Lane, Lyman, WY 82937 the undersigned will sell at public auction in accordance with 29-7-101 a 1997 Ford Mustang, VIN 1FALP4040VF130616 - $600, for services rendered.  Dated: May 9, 2019                         Larry Castle

PUB: May 14, 21, 2019           05141


Official Proceedings of the

Uinta County Commissioners

Evanston, Wyoming

May 7, 2019

The Uinta County Commissioners met in regular session on May 7, 2019 in the commission chambers, 225 9th Street, Evanston, Wyoming.  Chairman Eric South convened meeting at 2:00 p.m.  Commissioners Mark Anderson and Craig Welling were present.  Also present: Amanda Hutchinson, County Clerk.


Motion Anderson, second Welling to approve the agenda.  3 yes votes, passed.


Members of B.R.O.R.A. requested the Commissioners consider sponsoring a lease with the State in Section 36, T15N R120W, which would allow B.R.O.R.A. to utilize the land for bike trails. The Commissioners would like County Attorney, Loretta Howieson to have an opportunity to advise them before entering into a lease. 

Server Room Cooling System

Motion Anderson, second Welling to award the bid for a cooling system in the server room at the jail to Tom’s HVAC, which is the only bid of the three received to meet all the requirements, for $52,650.00 as requested by Dean Podzamsky, Communications Director.  3 yes votes, passed.

Mosquito Control Grant

Motion Welling, second Anderson to approve a pre-award acceptance letter with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture for a grant to reduce mosquitos in the amount of $145,084.00, with a 50% match required from the county. 3 yes votes, passed.

TY Pickett

Motion Welling, second Anderson to approve an agreement with TY Pickett for appraisal services for $37,920.00 per year for 2020 and 2021 as presented by Lori Perkins, Assessor.  3 yes votes, passed.

Evanston Uinta Airport Joint Powers Board

Motion Anderson, second Welling to approve a transfer of Airport Entitlement Funds to the Evanston-Uinta County Airport for $150,000 as requested by Clay Baird, Public Works Director.  3 yes votes, passed.

Jail Sewer Project

Motion Welling, second Anderson to table approval of a Notice of Award on the jail sewer project, pending further information regarding sales tax.  3 yes votes, passed.

Health Insurance Summary Plan Document

Motion Welling, second Anderson to table approval of amendments to the county health insurance plan pending clarification on a couple of items.  3 yes votes, passed.


Motion Anderson second Welling to approve the minutes of the April 16, 2019 meeting.  3 yes votes, passed.


Motion Anderson, second Welling to approve warrants 438055 through 438136. 

PAYROLL WARRANTS: AFLAC, $880.29, Insurance; The Hartford, $2,265.98, Insurance; The Hartford, $1,707.00, Insurance; Beneficial Life Ins Co, $368.78, Insurance; The Hartford, $2,158.14, Insurance; Clerk of District Ct for Uinta Coun, $374.00, Child Support; Continental American Insurance Comp, $552.40, Insruance; Conseco Health Insurance Company, $393.10, Insurance; Delta Dental Plan Of Wyo, $13,370.45, Insurance; Evanston Parks & Recreation, $197.98, Employee Deduction; Uinta County Tax Account, $39,732.66, Taxes; Uinta County Tax Account, $81,233.76, Taxes; Mainstay Investments, $300.00, Deferred Comp Plan; National Benefit Services LLC, $5,717.41, Cafeteria Plan; OREGON CHILD SUPPORT PROGRAM, $417.45, Child Support; UINTA COUNTY TREASURER (HEALTH PLAN, $212,579.46, Deferred Comp Plan; Clerk Of Circuit Court, $516.47, Garnishment; Uinta Co Emp Ben Plan, $2,368.10, Insurance; Uinta Co Clerk, $10.00, Fees; Uinta County Treasurer, $450.00, Hanger Allowance; WYO DEFERRED COMPENSATION ACCOUNT, $2,840.00, Deferred Comp Plan; Wyoming Retirement System, $56,219.64, Pension Plan; Department of Workforce Services, $7,729.19, Unemployment; NCPERS Group Life Ins., $48.00, Insurance; Wyoming Retirement System, $30,057.92, Insurance; Uinta County Tax Account, $85.93, Taxes; Uinta County Tax Account, $303.80, Taxes; Wyoming Retirement System, $341.51, Insurance. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE WARRANTS: Adams, Michael D,MD, $800.00, Health Officer; All West Communications, $986.34, Phone/Internet Service; George Cook, $4,295.28, Professional Services; American Linen-Steiner Corp, $364.15, Laundry Services; Axis Forensic Toxicology, Inc, $460.00, Forensic Lab; Wex Bank/Cardwell (Ext), $128.01, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (RBW), $233.13, Fuel; Cazin’s, $21.91, Hardware/Landscaping; CBM Food Service, $9,276.96, Prisoner Meals; Century Link, $15.11, Telephone; City Drug Inc, $3,895.94, Medical; Codale Electric Supply Inc, $757.53, Parts; Communications Technologies, Inc, $174.79, Parts; Convergint Technologies LLC, $5,296.57, Software Program; Coro Medical LLC, $200.00, Equipment; Ralph S. Horne, $10.00, Professional Services; DBT Transportation Services LLC, $555.79, Airport Services; Evanston Community Health Center, $80.00, Supplies; Ellingford Bros Inc. (RBE), $2,813.64, Parts; Ellingford Bros., Inc. (Maint), $249.12, Concrete/Parts; Fastenal Company, $89.25, Maintenance Supplies; Feuz, Bridger, $20.00, Reimbursement;  Francom, D Mckay, DDS, $140.00, Medical; Freeway Tire, $12,011.32, Tires; Frontier Psychological Associate, $925.00, Professional Services; Billings Distribution, Inc. dba, $60.33, Fuel; Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals, $1,440.60, Vaccine; Harris Govern, $150.00, Annual Dues; HemoCue America, $168.00, Medical Supplies; High Country Behavioral Health, $870.00, Professional Services; Holland Equipment Co, $266.80, Parts; Inmate Commissary, $208.00, Reimbursement; Institutional Eye Care LLC, $30.50, Medical Services; John Thompson, $40.00, Reimbursement; Kallas Automotive, $918.17, Auto Parts; Leonard R Lester, $1,530.00, Snow Plowing; Mckesson Medical Surgical, $40.97, Medical Supplies; Merck & Co., Inc., $4,086.08, Medical Supplies; Mountain West Business Solutions, $801.57, Copier Maintenance; Office Products Dealer Inc, $102.37, Office Supplies; PDM Steel Service Centers, $3,706.89, Tubing; Questar Gas Company, $1,033.44, Utilities; Quill Corp, $410.91, Office Supplies; Ranch & Home Supply LLC, $106,523.31, Supplies; Real Kleen Janitorial & Repair, $844.54, Janitorial; Rees Construction Inc, $16,300.00, Contract Services; RelaDyne West LLC, $26,639.62, Fuel; Rocky Mountain Power (Utilities),  10,313.96, Electricity; Sanofi Pasteur, $3,332.57, Medical Supplies; Sirchie Acquisition Company, LLC, $225.99, Law Enforcement; Truck Pro Holding Corporation, $1,934.95, Parts; Skaggs Companies Inc, $270.00, Uniforms; Stateline Metals Of Wyoming Inc, $64.56, Maintenance; Wyoming Department Of Health, $38,042.43, State Car/Payroll; StopTech, Ltd., $592.00, Stop Sticks; T-7 Inc Propane Services, $350.45, Propane; Thomas P. Miller and Associates LLC, $21,149.00, Supplies; Kennon C Tubbs MD LLC, $4,000.00, Prisoner Medical; Uinta County Treasurer (Grants), $15,781.55, Grant Funding; Uinta Co Herald, $79.00, Advertising/Subscription; Uinta Co Public Health Nurse, $150.00, Supplies; Uinta Recycling Inc, $2,733.33, Support Funds;  Uinta Co Sheriff Office, $115.00, Reimbursement; UniFirst Corporation, $696.05, Laundry Services; Union Telephone Company, $2,472.08, Cell/Telephone; Verizon Wireless, $955.02, Aircard Service; VLCM, $8,659.13, Computer Hardware; Walmart Comm Brc (Extension), $38.55, Supplies;  Walmart Comm Brc (Public Hlth), $971.98, Supplies; Walmart Comm Brc (Sheriff), $469.59, Supplies; Walmart Comm Brc (Wic), $102.30, Supplies; WECO, Inc., $600.00, 911 Informer System; Weld Etc, $280.00, Professional Services; Thomson Reuters/West Payment Center, $656.34, Law Library; Westar Printing, $982.25, Printing; Wheeler Machinery Co, $16,557.50, Equipment Parts; State Of Wyoming, $4.77, Acess Fee; Wyoming State Bar, $100.00, Advertising; Wyo Law Enforcement Academy, $4,624.60, Training; Wyo Dept Transportation, $249.00, Pathway/Bridge; Wyoming Waste Services - Rock, $177.90, Garbage Disposal; Youth Alternative Home Assoc, $215.00, Juvenile Detention.

3 yes votes, passed. 

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

Eric South, Chairman


Attest: Amanda Hutchinson


PUBLISHED: May 14, 2019      05143