1350 fentanyl pills, 4 lbs. of meth seized near Evanston

A Wyoming Highway Patrol K-9 is shown with a revolver, nearly four pounds of methamphetamine and more than 1,300 pills containing the deadly opioid fentanyl. The firearm and drugs were seized by troopers and DCI agents on Thursday, March 9, at a gas station near Evanston. (COURTESY PHOTO)

EVANSTON — A Wyoming Highway Patrol K-9 unit assisted Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agents Thursday evening at a service station just outside of Evanston, according to a Facebook post and press release from the WHP. The DCI agents had spotted a suspicious individual at the station before the WHP joined in the investigation.

Upon arrival, the K-9 investigated the scene. The handler observed a “positive, trained, final response” to the scent of drugs in the vehicle. After searching the vehicle, the trooper seized 1,349 M30 fentanyl pills, 3.89 pounds of methamphetamine and a pistol. Jeffery Spencer, who told police he is homeless, is a convicted felon and was thus not allowed to possess firearms. He was arrested at the scene and booked into the Uinta County Jail.

The M30 pill identifier belongs to round blue oxycodone pills. The name comes from the presence of an M on one side and a 30 along the top of the other side. Subtle differences exist between real tablets and those laced with fentanyl. Fake pills often have logos with fewer imperfections. Counterfeit oxycodone pills that are teal and marked V48 and white pills marked A215 can also contain fentanyl.

DCI believes the drugs were on their way to market in Wyoming communities. This seizure has been the first notable fentanyl arrest since the WHP K-9 teams received fentanyl certification two weeks ago.

WHP Lt. Matt Arnell said he cannot comment because it is an active investigation.

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