10-26-2021 Uinta County Herald legal notices


WHEREAS, default in the payment of principal and interest has occurred under the terms of a Promissory Note (the “Note”) dated June 4, 1998, executed and delivered by Ray J. Orton and Gloria Orton (“Mortgagors”) to Green Tree Financial Servicing Corporation, and a real estate Mortgage (the “Mortgage”) of the same date securing the Note, which Mortgage was executed and delivered by said Mortgagors, to said Mortgagee, and which Mortgage was recorded on June 24, 1998, at Reception No. R86530, in Book 698, at Page 20 in the public records in the office of the County Clerk and ex-officio Register of Deeds in and for Uinta County, State of Wyoming; and

WHEREAS, the Mortgage was assigned for value as follows:

Assignee: U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee, for Manufactured Housing Contract Senior/Subordinate Pass-Through Certificate Trust 1998-7

Assignment dated: April 1, 2021

Assignment recorded: April 5, 2021

Assignment recording information: at Reception No. 1102593, in Book 2014, at Page 837-838

All in the records of the County Clerk and ex-officio Register of Deeds in and for Uinta County, Wyoming.

WHEREAS, a Judgment was entered by the Uinta County District Court on September 17, 2021 and recorded on September 20, 2021, in Book 2026, at Page 579-584, at Reception No. 1112378, for the amount of $55,209.70, plus interest, costs expended, late charges, and attorney’s fees accruing thereafter through the date of sale, and ordering the foreclosure of the real property referenced below pursuant to Wyoming’s Foreclosure Statutes; and

WHEREAS, the property being foreclosed upon may be subject to other liens and encumbrances that will not be extinguished at the sale. Any prospective purchaser should research the status of title before submitting a bid;

WHEREAS, if the foreclosure sale is set aside for any reason, the Purchaser at the sale shall be entitled only to a return of his/her/its money paid.  The Purchaser shall have no further recourse against the Mortgagee, Mortgagor, Servicer or their attorneys;

NOW, THEREFORE U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee, for Manufactured Housing Contract Senior/Subordinate Pass-Through Certificate Trust 1998-7, as the Mortgagee, will have the Mortgage foreclosed as by law provided by causing the mortgaged property to be sold at public venue by the Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff in and for Uinta County, Wyoming to the highest bidder for cash at 10:00 o’clock in the forenoon on November 3, 2021 at the information desk at the Uinta County Courthouse located at 225 9th Street, Evanston, WY 82930, for application on the above described amounts secured by the Mortgage, said mortgaged property being described as follows, to-wit:

All of Lot 21 of Whitney Canyon Subdivision, 4th filing, being located in Uinta County, Wyoming.  Parcel ID # 013069

With an address of 359 Remington, Evanston, WY 82930 (the undersigned disclaims liability for any error in the address).

Together with all improvements thereon situate and all fixtures and appurtenances thereto.

Mortgagee shall have the exclusive right to rescind the foreclosure sale during the redemption period.  In the event that the sale is rescinded or vacated for any reason, the successful purchaser shall only be entitled to a refund of their purchase price and/or statutory interest rate.

Dated: September 23, 2021   U.S. Bank National Association,

 as Trustee, for Manufactured Housing

Contract Senior/Subordinate

Pass-Through Certificate Trust 1998-7

By: Shelly M. Espinosa

Halliday, Watkins & Mann, P.C.

376 East 400 South, Suite 300

Salt Lake City, UT 84111


HWM File # WY10226

PUBLISHED: Oct. 5. 12. 19, 26, 2021  10051


Official Proceedings of the

Uinta County Commissioners

Evanston, Wyoming

October 19, 2021

The Uinta County Commissioners met in regular session on October 19, 2021 in the commission chambers, 225 9th Street, Evanston, Wyoming. Chairman Eric South convened meeting at 2:00 p.m. Commissioner Brent Hatch was present, Commissioner Mark Anderson was excused.  Also present: Amanda Hutchinson, County Clerk.


Motion Hatch, second South to approve the agenda amended to include Barney Brisko with a change order.  2 yes votes, passed.

Sage Industrial Park #7 Subdivision

Darby Noorda, Planning, opened a public hearing to allow for comments on the Sage Industrial Park #7 Subdivision located in Block 1 Lot 1 of the Sage Industrial Park in Section 15, T15N R120W.  Eric Wall, Uinta Engineering, spoke in favor; no one spoke in opposition.  Motion Hatch, second South to approve Resolution 21-48 authorizing the Sage Industrial Park #7 Subdivision.  2 yes votes, passed.

Greater Northwest Passenger Rail

Motion Hatch, second South authorizing Chairman South to sign a letter of support for the Greater Northwest Passenger Rail Working Group which would offer passenger rail services in Uinta County.  2 yes votes, passed.

Fort Bridger Airport

Motion Hatch, second South to authorize final payment for $13,114.57 to Straight Stripe Painting for the 2021 Airport Seal Coat and Pavement Markings project at the Fort Bridger Airport, payment to be held until November 1, 2021 as presented by Clay Baird, Public Works Director.  2 yes votes, passed.

Emergency Management Performance Grant

Motion Hatch, second South to approve an Agreement with the Office of Homeland Security for the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) for $44,894.58 with a county match of $44,894.58 for October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2022 as presented by Kim West, Emergency Management.  2 yes votes, passed.

Homeland Security Grant

Motion Hatch, second South to approve a State Homeland Security Program Grant in the amount of $59,455.00 for the purchase of an emergency generator for the Human Service building; for September 1, 2021 through August 31, 2023 as requested by West.  2 yes votes, passed.

County Road 274

Motion Hatch, second South to approve a change order for $3,460.00 to the contract with Wall Contractors Inc. for a change in conditions caused by the discovery of old bridge piles and abutments. An extension of the agreement completion date from October 1, 2021 to November 1, 2021 was requested due to a rebid of the superstructure as requested by Barney Brisko, Road & Bridge Foreman.  2 yes votes, passed.


Motion Hatch, second South to approve the minutes of the October 5, 2021 meeting.  2 yes votes, passed.


Motion Hatch, second South to approve warrants 449923 through 450037.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE WARRANTS:  Ace Disposal, Inc., $89.70, Garbage Disposal; Adams, Michael D,MD, $800.00, Health Officer; AirNav LLC, $57.00,Renewal; All West Communications, $1,299.44, Phone/Internet Service; George Cook, $2,507.34, Professional Services; Auto Zone, $531.82, Parts; Axis Forensic Toxicology, Inc, $490.00, Forensic Lab; Bank of the West  (Assessor), $121.81, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Attorney), $976.61, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Dist Crt Clerk), $287.38, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (CoClerk), $15.74, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Commissary), $309.00, Credit Card; Bank of the West (Commissioners), $1,155.31, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Extension), $567.44, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (IT), $7,431.18, Credit Card; Bank of the West (Landfill), $886.99, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Maintenance), $402.09, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Museum), $115.40, Credit Card; Bank of the West (Public Health), $9,871.08, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Planning), $811.33, Credit Cards; Bank of The West (Sheriff), $3,197.56, Credit Cards; Bank of the West (Treasurer), $146.24, Credit Card; Bank of the west (Voca), $7.73,Credit Card; Benedict Ace Hardware, $9.18, Supplies; Benedict Trading Company, $354.57, Hardware/Supplies; Biota Research and Consulting, Inc., $337.50, Engineering; Blacks Fork Timber Products, Inc, $147.00, Supplies; Evanston Youth Club for Boys & Girl, $13,489.63, Registration Fees; Bridgerland Carquest, $656.93, Auto Parts; Welling, Brian/dba Brian’s Muffler, $250.00, Vehicle Repairs; Bridger Valley Electric, $2,909.38, Utilities; Bridger Valley Joint Powers Board, $90.00, Utilitites; Bridger Valley Pioneer, $236.56, Advertising; LKCM Distribution Holdings Lp (Dba), $757.97, ; Kerri Wright, $228.01, Reimbursement; Wex Bank/Cardwell (Assessor), $263.16, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (Attorney), $93.96, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (EmergMngt), $52.37, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (Ext), $99.70, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (IT), $84.90, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (Maint), $2,707.39, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (PH), $157.86, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (Planning), $291.72, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (RBW), $213.80, Fuel; Wex Bank/Cardwell (Sheriff), $8,633.16, Fuel; Cazin’s, $1,815.50, Hardware/Landscaping; Century Link,$2,427.83, Telephone; Charm-Tex, Inc., $1,006.70, Supplies; City Of Evanston (Utilities), $3,328.32, Utilities; Codale Electric Supply Inc, $60.88, Parts; Covolo Auto(Road&Bridge), $9.49, Parts; DBT Transportation Services LLC, $555.81, Airport Services; Deru’s, $77.08, Bldg Maintenance; Evanston Uinta JPB Airport, $18,750.00, Support Funds; Evanston Uinta Joint Powers Bd, $5,167.71, Rent; Fire Supression Services Inc, $7,557.73, Repairs; Forsgren Associates, $215.00, Engineering; Francom, D Mckay, DDS, $1,512.00, Medical; Freeway Tire, $1,321.31, Tires; Grainger, $212.63, Maintenance; Harris Law Office P C, $378.00, Legal Services; Hayden Commons LLP, $554.00, Rental Assistance; High Country Behavioral Health, $3,401.63, Professional Services; Hughes, Kathleen, $2,069.04, Reimbursement; IBS, Inc, $15.44, Parts; Rocky Mountain Battery LLC, $174.95, Battery; John Deere Financial (Maint), $555.46, Hardware/Maintenance; Jub Engineers Inc, $9,283.20, Project 45 21-002; Kallas Automotive, $2,111.16, Auto Parts; Kenworth Sales Company, $20.80, Equipment Parts; Lambert Paint Company Inc, $2,800.00, Stripe Parking Lot; Merck & Co., Inc., $16,220.22, Medical Supplies; Morcon Industrial Specialty, $375.37, Equipment/Safety/Parts; Mountain West Business Solutions, $1,172.75, Copier  Maintenance; Mailroom Finance Inc. (Lease), $973.74, Postage/Maintenance; Norco, Inc., $171.59, Parts; Proffit, Kim, $192.00, Reimbursement; Dominion Energy, $2,694.35, Utilities;  Dominion Energy, $597.53, Utilities; Quill Corp, $791.35, Office Supplies; Real Kleen Janitorial & Repair, $2,847.95, Janitorial; RelaDyne West LLC, $13,612.30, Fuel; River Glen Limited Partnership, $992.00, Rental Assistance; Rocky Mountain Power (Utilities), $8,226.61, Electricity; SAFV Task Force, Inc., $3,368.32, Support Funds; Sanofi Pasteur, $10,258.18, Medical Supplies; Truck Pro Holding Corporation, $89.28, Parts; Wyoming Department Of Health, $473.60, State Car/Payroll; Standard Plumbing Supply Co, $4.31, Plumbing; Straight Stripe Painting Inc, $13,114.57, Airport Striping; SUMMIT FOOD SERVICES, LLC, $6,183.52, Food Contract Services; Toms HVAC, LLC, $922.56, Professional Services; Town Of Lyman, $334.50, Rent; Town Of Mt View, $550.20, Utilitites; Kennon C Tubbs MD LLC, $4,000.00, Prisoner Medical; Uinta Engineering & Surveying, Inc., $7,155.00, Professional Services; Evanston Clinic Corporation, $289.00, Medical Assist; Evanston Clinic Corporation, $289.00, Medical; Uinta Co Herald, $2,087.15, Advertising/Subscription; Uinta County Museum, $186.06, Support Funds; Uinta Co Treasurer (Postage), $1,445.57, Postage; Uinta County Treasurer, $1,383.86, Petty Cash; Union Telephone Company, $51.32, Cell/Telephone; Utah Valley Radiology, $33.00, Medical Assistance; Vector Disease Control Int, LLC, $25,000.00, Aerial Spraying; Vehicle Lighting Solutions Inc, $1,991.74, Lightbar; Wells Fargo Financial Leasing, $113.00, Copier Lease; Westar Printing, $700.70, Printing; Wheeler Machinery Co, $4,750.89, Equipment Parts; White Mountain Lumber, $7,122.09, Building Maintenance; Wyoming State Bar, $127.00, Advertising; Wyo County Clerks’ Association, $300.00, Association Dues; Wyo Law Enforcement Academy, $1,542.40, Training; Wyo Dept of Health/Preventive, $169.00, Testing; Wyoming Waste Services - Rock, $280.91, Garbage Disposal, Yellow Creek Estates Part #1, $840.00,Rent Assist.

2 yes votes, passed.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

Eric South, Chairman


Attest: Amanda Hutchinson


PUBLISHED: Oct. 26, 2021      10261



Second Regular Meeting

October 19th, 2021

The official record of proceedings of the second regular meeting of the Evanston City Council for the month of October was held in the Council Chambers of City Hall on the above date. These proceedings were video recorded.

Council President Ottley led those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

The roll was called and with a quorum being present, Council President Ottley called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and welcomed everyone present.

Those present from the governing body at the start of the meeting were:  Council President Tib Ottley; Council members Tim Lynch, Evan Perkes, David Welling and Mike Sellers.  Mikal Welling and Mayor Williams were excused.

Staff members present at the start of the meeting were:   City Attorney, Dennis Boal; City Clerk, Diane Harris; Community Development Director, Rocco O’Neill; Public Works Director, Gordon Robinson; Director of Parks and Recreation, Scott Ehlers;  Police Chief, Mike Vranish;  City Treasurer, Trudy Lym and City Engineer, Dean Barker.  A group of interested citizens were also present.

Approve Agenda

Council member Welling moved, Council member Sellers seconded, to approve the agenda.  The motion passed unanimously with 5 yes votes: Ottley, Lynch, Perkes, Welling, Sellers.

Approve Minutes

The official record of proceedings for the City Council Meeting held October 5th, 2021, and Special City Council Meeting held October 12th, 2021 was approved as presented.


Council member Perkes moved, Council member Welling seconded, to approve the following bills for payment:

October 6, 2021 to October 19, 2021

VENDOR          FOR      AMOUNT


AXA Equivest   Payroll 433.00

Evanston Police Benevolent   Payroll 232.00

Flex Share       Payroll 2,404.56

IRS Tax Deposit           Payroll 43,882.15

Orchard Trust Payroll 1,103.88

Parks & Recreation     Payroll 109.37

Vantage Point Payroll 109.44

Wyo. Dept of Workforce Services      Payroll 6,117.71

Payroll Payroll 147,104.00

All West          Internet/Phones          3,219.18

OldCastle Precast        Parts    2,548.00

Ameri Tech Equipment           Parts    9,804.30

Dennis M. Boal           Services           2,713.50

Caselle Support/Maintenance            1,694.00

Yeti      Parts    250.60

Cazin’s Supplies          1,688.22

CD’s Electric    Electrical         465.39

City of Evanston          Utilities           25,020.40

Curtis Blue Line           Uniforms         2,673.11

CCI Network    Utilities           83.56

Norco  Supplies          419.69

Dooley Enterprises     Supplies          6,889.00

Empire Turf     Supplies          980.00

Energy Laboratories    Testing 1,228.00

Evanston Chamber of Commerce       Contract          10,388.00

Evanston Parks & Recreation City Subsidy     97,685.64

First Bank        Visa     16,287.28

Fastenal          Parts    41.61

Forsgren Associates   Contract          1,175.00

Murdochs        Supplies          557.42

Hach Company            Supplies          7,380.55

Harris Law Office        Contract          4,000.00

Jason Hergert Reimbursement          100.00

Sports World   Equipment      1,097.61

Kallas Automotive       Parts    3,336.21

Amanda R. Kirby         Services           1,867.50

Legal and Liability Risk Mngmnt         Registration    525.00

Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender  Supplies          184.10

Morcon            Parts    1,148.49

Mtn West Business Solutions Service Agreement     4,382.71

Dominion Energy        Utilities           5,201.80

Myers/Anderson Architects   Contract          8,354.03

Nalco   Supplies          4,962.54

Novus Glass    Services           495.00

Parnell’s Glass & Body Works Services           3,232.79

Staker Parson Companies       Asphalt            512.47

Porter Muirhead Cornia Howard       Audit Fees       20,000.00

Gordon Robinson        Award 100.00

Real Kleen       Supplies          5,020.40

Roto-Aire Sales & Service       Supplies          418.75

Shred-It USA   Services           194.22

Six States Distributors Parts    233.74

Skaggs Uniforms         183.96

Standard Plumbing     Parts    1.76

Stateline Metals of Wyoming Parts    2,988.27

Alsco   Laundry Services         402.26

The Huntington National Bank           Contract          4,445.39

Turf Equipment & Irrigation   Parts    656.33

Uinta County   Jail Fees          15,035.64

Uinta County Herald   Public Notices 1,112.60

Uinta County Solid Waste      Landfill Fees    36,562.10

Uinta Engineering       Services           3,450.00

Century Link    Utilities           1,667.42

Rocky Mountain Power          Utilities           24,377.94

Wyoming Waste Systems      Dumpster Fees           281.38

Westech Equipment   Services           670.00

Watertech       Supplies          5,654.00

The Lumberyard          Parts    293.30

Wyoming Department of Revenue     Sales/Use Tax 1,269.28

Root X Supplies          885.00

Kristine Goble Award 100.00

Eisinger-Smith            Supplies          70.00

Wyo. Department of Transportation  Contract          965.02

Taylor Made Golf        Supplies          934.22

USPS   Postage           15,000.00

Uinta BOCES #1           Training           600.00

Nikoli Knezovich          Award 100.00

Gladiator Materials    Services           574.00

Christian Soesanto      Refund 100.00

Third Degree Communications           Registration    225.00

Rock Solid        Supplies          49.99

Ana Renova     Restitution      1,820.00

Darin Watkins Refund 500.00

My Favorite Things     Restitution      30.00

Wright Express            Fuel     1,663.01

Steve Regan    Supplies          141.83

The motion passed unanimously with 5 yes votes:  Ottley, Lynch, Perkes, Welling, Sellers.


Council member Lynch introduced Resolution 21-69.  Council member Lynch moved, Council member Welling seconded, to adopt Resolution 21-69.


The motion passed unanimously with 5 yes votes:  Ottley, Lynch, Perkes, Welling, Sellers.


With no further business to be conducted at this time Council President Ottley adjourned the meeting at 5:36 p.m.

Tib Ottley, Council President

ATTEST: Diane Harris, City Clerk

PUBLISHED: Oct. 26, 2021      10262